Rental 2 loft studios and House for Podcasting, Photo and Film production

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Rental 2 loft studios and House for Podcasting, Photo and Film production.


Unique loft style space for implementing Podcasting, Photo and Video production. All equipment is included in the rental, except for those that you can see in additional options.


Session Photography or Video production

Professional light and all the necessary equipment for filming a video clip, interview, catalog, portrait, fashion and any other creative implementations. The rich experience of our staff will provide you with high service, so that you get a professional result, and your client is satisfied.


Podcasting or Streaming

You yourself can create the necessary background for any podcasting task on a white background, chromakey or sitting on a comfortable sofa next to bookshelves, or sitting in a cozy red brick atmosphere around velvet curtains. Mix your podcasting with professional and high-quality sound with the addition of photo and video recording content up to live broadcasts and video streaming. An easy-to-manage podcast recording system allows you to record up to 4 people and be the sound engineer yourself. All you need is to bring a laptop or mini SD card with you and we can help to setup.


Mobile Portable Studio

Having issues reaching a sound studio? Not a problem! 

We can record your podcast in the comfort of your own home, place of business, local coffee shop or anywhere else. We will bring our professional portable podcasting and streaming setup to record your podcast episodes in a location that is convenient for you.

Many of our corporate clients prefer to record their podcasts in their place of business. We have recorded episodes in boardrooms, conference rooms, break rooms even the cafeteria.

We offers a range of services for conferences, workshops and seminars. Conference interviews – with organizers, guest speakers and presenters.

You give us the space and we’ll make it work!