Studio Rules & Rental Agreement

The time of the studio rental calculated for payment


·         The rental of the studio is considered to be paid from the moment of entering the studio for podcast, photographing / filming during the reserved period and to the moment of leaving it.

·         The reserved period of the studio rent has to be paid by the tenant completely not taking into account the factual period of the rent.

·         In case if the tenant is in the Hall longer than 15 minutes over the reserved by him period he pays the price of one hour of rental.

·         The minimal period of rent is 1 (one) hour. You pay for the whole rented hour even if you finish photographing earlier.

·         Prolongation of the term of the studio rent is considered with the Administrator.

·         The tenants have to put the hall in order. All the rented properties have to be returned back to the Administrator. All the trash like fluff, snow, confetti, etc. has to be scavenged from the hall before the tenant leaves the premises.

·         Don’t leave behind the things used by you for photographing. Please, take into account all the details - finish you work and collect up your things in proper time. 


Preparation of the equipment


Preparation of the backgrounds and changing nozzles is carried out by the Administrator only.

All the equipment is in good order. When any of the units is not in good order, ask the Administrator to change it, or else you become the committer of the disrepair/-s.

All the tenants are responsible for the rented equipment and the accessories during the rental period. Please, check up the condition of the rented equipment and accessories in the presence of the Administrator before starting your work.

All the tenants bear the liability for breakage and are obliged to pay the damages for the rented by them equipment and accessories. The sum to compensate the damage is to be considered with the Administrator.

The Administrator check up the equipment and accessories after the tenants finish to use them.


It is prohibited in the Studio:


Applying and using open flame

Smoking and drinking spirits

Entering the service rooms of the Studio

Taking the properties out of the Studio  

Carrying out any actions impeding the workers of the Studio fulfill their work including force and ascendancy or moral consideration.

 Soil and damage the property of the Studio


In case if the tenants (clients, models) break these rules

the administration of the Studio possesses the right:


To drive them out of the territory of the Studio without returning the money for the not used time of rent.

Not to allow them renting the halls in the future.



All the tenants (clients, models) agree with the abovementioned terms

renting the Studio


Thank You